Foundation and Concrete Repair

When your Traverse City foundation is leaking, sinking, cracking crumbling or experiencing soil erosion, our deep foundation and structural repair experts can determine the causes and implement the appropriate solutions. 

Foundation and concrete repair services

Our foundation and concrete repair services are designed to fix bowing and buckling walls, leaning chimneys and sinking foundations as well as repair cracks and stop water infiltration in basements. 

The soil around your basement contains water even when it’s not raining. If a basement is inadequately waterproofed, it can lead to water infiltration and excessive basement humidity. This often appears as water drops or small trickles of water on your basement walls or puddles in your basement. In order to fix this problem, your basement needs to be waterproofed. If the moisture infiltration is light, waterproofing your basement may only mean filling and sealing cracks and holes and applying a coating of waterproof masonry cement and/or a concrete sealant. If the infiltration is extreme, your basement may also need a waterproof barrier on the exterior of the walls in order to stop water infiltration.

Over time, the weight of the chimney can cause it to lean, especially if there are problems with the chimney’s foundation, like being too small, not thick enough or placed on poor soil. If left unrepaired, the chimney can completely fall, causing damage to your home or property or someone else’s home or property. Not to mention, as the chimney continues to lean, it can crack the chimney liner, allowing hazardous gases, like carbon monoxide into your home. Thankfully, installing helical piers around your chimneys foundation can secure it and stop the leaning without having to excavate around the chimney.

Foundation sinking can be a problem for new builds as well as existing builds. Foundations sink due to shifting and unstable soils. This can be due to improper drainage, severe storms or soil that was improperly compacted prior to installing the foundation. Foundation jacking and void filling along with the installation of foundation piles can level your foundation and stop current and future foundation sinking. 

Foam backfill is used to stabilize foundations that are experiencing damage due to lateral forces caused by soil pressure or shifting soils, and it can be used to fill soil voids, insulate foundation walls and stabilize driveway foundations. We use EPS foam backfill, which is a type of foam block specifically used for foundations because it is extremely lightweight, controllable and weather resistant. Once it’s in place, it is completely invisible above ground. 

Basement wall cracking and foundation cracking are more than just unsightly, they can indicate a problem with your home’s foundation. Common causes of cracking include shifting soils, heavy water infiltration in the soil and improperly compacted soil beneath your foundation. If your foundation and basement walls are not seriously compromised, and it doesn’t look like your foundation is going to settle further, cracks can often be repaired with either epoxy injections or urethane injections. These are substances used for crack filing because they completely fill and seal the crack to increase structural integrity and prevent water infiltration. 

Bowing and buckled walls indicate a problem with the soil conditions around your basement, and if not repaired in a timely manner, your foundation walls could completely fail, compromising your home or business. Additional factors that can lead to bowing or buckling basement walls include excessive water from storms, pressing against and penetrating your basement walls, or extreme freeze/thaw cycles that can cause added wear and tear on your basement walls. Repairs for bowing and buckling walls include reinforcing with carbon fiber fabric, installing helical anchors, adding steel beam reinforcement or installing block wall core fill.

hazards of a damaged foundation

Your home or business’ foundation is what supports your building. When a foundation is sinking, tilting, cracking or crumbling, it allows water and radon inside your home or business. Exposure to excessive levels of radon can cause health problems, and water infiltration can lead to mold and mildew as well as unpleasant smells. Not to mention, if your foundation is left unrepaired, you may notice cracks in your exterior and interior walls as well as your ceilings. Your floors may become uneven and door and window frames may no longer be square. 

Benefits of Professional Foundation Repair with DFR in Traverse City, MI

Utilizing professional foundation repair services can restore your building’s foundation and prevent future foundation damage. This is often accomplished by slabjacking, void filling or foam backfilling, crack filling, basement waterproofing and installing foundation piles. 

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