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causes and hazards of foundation damage

Foundation damage is typically caused by improper foundation installation, bad soil conditions and weather. This can cause your home or business to experience foundation cracks, uneven floors, exterior and interior wall cracking. Water infiltration in basements and crawlspaces and doorframes and windows that aren’t square can occur as well.

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  • Poor Soil Conditions – Improperly compacted soil or building on clay without foundation pilings
  • Poor Drainage Around the Foundation – Improperly graded soil, poor gutter drainage and a lack of French drains can contribute to poor foundation drainage
  • Extreme Seasonal Temperature Changes – Ground freeze/thaw cycles can affect the structural integrity of your building’s foundation

dfr services

Foundation Piling

Concrete Repair

structural repairs


When you notice cracks in your basement walls, moister in your crawlspace or cracks and crumbling along the edges of your foundation, you need foundation and concrete repair

Here at DFR, we offer basic foundation and concrete repair. This includes crack repairs and foam backfilling. As well as complex repairs that include structural foundation repairs and deep foundation repairs that utilize foundation anchors and helical or screw pilings. These types of repair are great for foundations that have experienced soil erosion or water infiltration.

deep foundation piling

Deep foundation piling is a form of foundation repair that anchors your home or business’ foundation deep in the earth. It often involves drilling ductile iron piles, helical piles or micropiles deep into the soil beneath your building and anchoring them to your foundation. This is done using large screws or industrial brackets. This type of foundation repair is great for correcting foundations that have fallen into disrepair due to natural disasters, heavy water infiltration or extreme soil erosion or soil instability.

experience the difference with dfr foundation and concrete repair

Here at DFR, located in Traverse City, MI, we want you to experience the difference our professionalism and experience makes when correcting foundation problems. In addition to our foundation and concrete repair services, we also offer basement waterproofing, void filling and grouting.

When you are looking for a company that is certified and trained in foundation and concrete repair, you can count on our team. We will evaluate your foundation, recommend the most appropriate repairs and get those repairs performed in a timely manner. For more information about our services and to schedule an estimate, give us a call at 231-620-0680 or 231-620-0638.

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