Here at DFR, serving Traverse City, Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, we offer residential and commercial foundation repair services, including concrete foundation repair, structural repairs, and foundation pilings

concrete and foundation repair in northern michigan

When you spot cracks and crumbling in your foundation or basement walls, it’s more than an aesthetic problem. It could indicate that your foundation is unstable and compromising the structural integrity of your home or business. Our concrete and foundation repair service can help determine the causes of your foundation cracking and implement the appropriate repairs in order to restore your building’s structural integrity. 

Our foundation and concrete repair services include stabilizing your foundation so that it stops sinking or tilting, filling in voids in the soil beneath your foundation and filling and sealing cracks and gaps. 

foundation structural repair

When the structural integrity of your foundation has been compromised by shifting or unstable soil or water infiltration from large storms or poor drainage, our foundation structural repair service can help restore your concrete, cinder block, brick, slab or pier and beam foundation so that it is able to support your home or business. Foundation structural repairs involve leveling or slabjacking your foundation if it has sunk considerably into the soil. It also involves filling soil voids beneith your foundation and repairing cracks and crumbling by installing sections of new concrete. To further stabilize your foundation, we may need to pour additional footers or add foundation pilings to prevent future settling, cracking, and crumbling. 

deep foundation piling services

In areas where the soil is prone to eroding due to loose soil or improper soil composition, including having a lot of clay, stabilizing your foundation may mean installing foundation pilings. Foundation pilings are metal rods with large screw-like plates that are driven into the soil to a certain depth. These pilings help evenly. distribute the weight of your building across the soil, and they prevent further sinking and settling of your foundation because they usually sit atop the bedrock. Types of foundation piles include helical piles, screw piles, and micropiles. 

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